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Monday, 27 February 2012

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Red Carpet

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt in Johanna Johnson
We’d like her dress a lot more if it didn’t have that plunging neckline. He looks perfect.

Kate Bosworth in Prabal Gurung
Hold us, kittens. That is one frightening dress.

Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli
Aw, let’s hear it for the old gal! Seventy-eight years YOUNG!

Paula Patton in Naeem Khan
CANNOT STAND how she poses on the red carpet. This isn’t the Adult Video Awards, honey. Stop looking at every camera like you want to blow it.
Her skirt’s too high and her babyheads are squealing in pain.

Rachel Zoe
Simple, but impeccably styled, of course. We don’t love the hair, but it’s her signature look and we probably wouldn’t recognize her if she wore it up or blew it out.

Sean Combs
Anyone catch him getting out of his limo and getting the full lint-roll from some sycophant? We want that. We want to get out of limos and have some queen be there waiting for us with a lint roller.
Pants need hemming.

Shailene Woodley in Proenza Schouler
Cute dress. Horribly matchy shoes.

Zoe Saldana in Marios Schwab
Our disappointment is a bottomless well of grief. Easily the worst she’s ever looked. We’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking this memory away.

Abbie Cornish in Tommy Hilfiger
Simple and perfect.

Amy Adams in Vivienne Westwood
Wow. This is kind of a departure for her. The skirt’s weird and the shoes take it into cougar territory, though. Above the knees, she looks great.

Anderson Cooper
Perfection. Why’d you have to ruin it by putting your hand in your pocket?

Bradley Cooper
Not loving the fit, which makes him look thick around the middle. It’s possible Bradley has a little gut, but let’s face it: it’s not very likely.

Cameron Diaz in Victoria Beckham
Fan-fucking-tastic color on her.

Chris Evans
Oh, come ON. We don’t give a shit how hot you are, you don’t pose on the red carpet like a groomsman at the end of the night. Jacket buttoned, hands at your side. It’s for all of 5 minutes, tops. You delicate studs should be able to handle it since the ladies are all tottering around on heels that practically guarantee foot surgery before they turn sixty.

Elizabeth Banks in Chadwick Bell
It’s such an unusual dress that we kind of love it just for being unusual. It’s a bit much, but the Vanity Fair party is where “a bit much” goes to die.

Elizabeth Olsen in Christian Dior
Hate the skirt, hate the purse, hate the miserable puss.

January Jones in Wes Gordon
Another dress that’s so weird we almost love it just for being weird.
We said “almost.” Love the colors on her and love the skirt and leather sash, but the top is fussy and messy. Kinda digging the “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” hair.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad Couture
It’s like someone took her Oscars dress and dumped pig’s blood on it.
Having said that, she looks spectacular.
Darlings, it was the Vanity Fair Oscar party! Where people who weren’t invited to the main event get dressed up and people who were invited to the main event get dressed down! Let’s judge!

2012 Oscars Red Carpet-Very warmer and very aging

Judy Greer in Monique Lhuillier
 Sharp as hell.

Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka
We’ve always defended her but she’s really starting to get on our nerves lately, especially when she starts talking about fashion like she has decades of experience with it. And besides, no one with hair the color of potpourri burner water should be lecturing anyone about their style.
But the dress is nice.
Kelly Ripa
 That’s one tightly wound spring. She looks like she could go off at any second. Look how everyone behind her is moving back. They can sense the danger.

Leslie Mann in Roberto Cavalli
 Sharp and chic.

Maya Rudolph in Johanna Johnson
 We didn’t like this at all onscreen but it looks a bit better here.
Melissa Leo in Reem Acra
 We hate the sad little sash, but the dress itself is kinda chic. Just wish it was a little fitted.

Mellisa McCarthy in Marina Rinaldi
 AWFUL. We realize that her size and shape make it ridiculously difficult to score free dresses for the red carpet, but we’ve seen her in so many disasters we’re ready to declare that her problem goes deeper: she really doesn’t know how to dress herself. Now, the basic shape here isn’t bad, but the color is horrible, the glittery trim looks tacky and the big flowy sleeves add volume.
We think she could solve so many problems for herself if she’d go the Gabby Sidibe route and decide that she doesn’t give a good flying fuck what the world thinks of her arms by opting for sleeveless dresses with wraps or dresses with little cap sleeves. Nothing is going to magically make her body smaller, so she’d be much better off by owning it rather than trying to cover it in extra fabric.

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab
 Knocked it out of the park. We’ve always loved her ability to go from zero to uber-glam so effortlessly.

Missi Pyle in Valentina Delfino
 Fantastic color, but way over-designed.

Penelope Ann Miller in Badgley Mischka
Still needs that hair consult. P.A., let us get you started: lose the pale blonde hair and go for strawberry blonde. It’ll do wonders for you.
The dress is pretty. Not over-the-top chic but much, much better than a lot of what she’s worn through awards season.
Rose Byrne in Vivienne Westwood
 This look seems to have been universally praised, but we thought it looked odd as hell. It’s tight across her boobs and drapey over her hips, which makes her bottom half look much wider than her top. Add that mushroom cap on top of her head and the shape becomes so weird that she almost looks like a semi-colon.

Sarah Hyland in Alberta Ferretti
 This looked more romantic and ethereal onscreen than it does here. we thought the color looked pretty on her but it all looks like a sad prom dress in this picture.

Shailene Woodley in Valentino
This looked terrible onscreen last night but looks considerably less so here. We think this might be a dress for not moving at all. Once you move and speak, it starts looking awkward. Too many design elements on a dress that deceives you into thinking it’s simple. Interesting choice, though. We’ll give her that.
Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace
What the shit was she doing with her leg all night? Did she come down with a bout of crazy or something? Because usually Angie’s pretty demure when it comes to playing the sex card. That was just odd the way she kept sticking her leg out like that all night, especially when she did it on stage. Look at how far apart her feet are! She’s ready to squat down behind home plate!
The dress is fine, if a little big for her.

Cameron Diaz in Gucci Première
We were surprised by how much we liked this, given our constant bitching about neutrals on the RC and dresses that match the hair color. It’s very chic and clean-looking. And the bit of glitter in the skirt was a nice touch.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford
So we hear that classless people with vision problems are out on the internet voting this one of the worst looks of the night. Lucky for you, we have taste here at T Lo Taste, Inc., and we absolutely loved this for being dramatic as hell without being too attention-seeking. Quietly dramatic.
But the hair’s pretty bad, we have to admit. Love the cuff.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Designers Seen Chasing the New Crop of Stars from Oscar Outlook

“I can promise you that these girls are already setting up who they want to wear to the Academy Awards,” said Jessica Paster, whose clients include Emily Blunt, Hilary Duff and Dakota Fanning.

With those actresses committing to designers, Paster added that the competition may heat up to dress presenters, especially if the likes of Cameron Diaz and the cast of “Bridesmaids,” which includes Rose Byrne, decide to present. Evaluating the fashion in the award season thus far, Paster expressed disappointment at top designers’ unwillingness to work with actresses who aren’t the youngest and the thinnest in Hollywood.

“I want to see some of the designers be more open-minded and not be so very vapid,” she said.

For the biggest celebrities, the trick is to be the first to nab exclusives with the designers of their choice.

“There are a lot of exclusives, so the list of go-to designers is becoming smaller and smaller,” said George Kotsiopoulos, co-host of the E network’s “Fashion Police.” “Even if you are a huge star and you call Versace or Valentino, they may tell you they already have an exclusive, so that already rules out those collections. It is getting a lot more difficult.”

As for what to expect among the presumptive biggest gets, Williams has the longest Oscar résumé. The actress first made a splash at the 2006 ceremony, as a best supporting actress nominee, with then fiancé and “Brokeback Mountain” co-star Heath Ledger. She has kept up her high marks since donning that year’s now-famous marigold Vera Wang gown. She favors Fifties party-dress silhouettes, be it Proenza Schouler, Dior or Marni, short shift dresses (all the better to channel Mia Farrow), and full-length bias sheaths in black and white. Chanel, Givenchy and Miu Miu tend to be her go-to designers, but this season she has shown range in Victoria Beckham and Jason Wu.

Chastain tends to accentuate her petite curves, porcelain skin and red hair with body-conscious styles and bright colors, and it’s clear the ingenue is relishing the opportunity to play dress up. “The clothes are a great part of this whole experience,” Chastain said recently at the Critics’ Choice Awards. “I’ve learned so much about fashion, it’s like going from zero to 100. I get to wear things I never dreamed I would ever wear.”

Since bursting onto the scene, Mara, who was handpicked by director David Fincher to star as Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” has been on a red-carpet whirl for the film’s international premieres. Because she is still sporting her character’s black bangs for the sequel, Mara has wisely chosen to play into her dark, edgy style. With midriff cutouts, geometric shapes and a mostly monochrome palette, she has quickly developed a signature look that she’s unlikely to veer from come Oscars. Her Nina Ricci gown at the Golden Globes would have also been appropriate for the big day.

As for what to expect from Bejo, the actress named names at the British Academy of Film & Television Arts’ pre-Golden Globes tea party earlier this month. Elie Saab, the French actress said, is her favorite designer.

“I would wear him every time if I could,” she explained. “His dresses fit me perfectly, and my style.”

Of course, personal preference doesn’t always win out. Bejo walked the Globes carpet in Gucci.

This year’s crop of final decisions and fought-over exclusives will be revealed Feb. 26, when the ceremony is broadcast on ABC — during Milan Fashion Week, as usual.

But while Kotsiopoulos hopes actresses will take risks at the Oscars, he doubts it will happen.

“If you want to sell yourself as a serious actress, it may not be the best idea to wear the craziest outfits to award shows,” he said. “I get why people play it safe. There is so much at stake now. People are selling themselves as brands.”
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may have only released its Oscar nominations on Tuesday, but the fashion world has already chosen its favorites.

Stylists said the crop of new faces among the nominations gives designers a whole new group of young actresses to battle over for the red carpet. The four likely to be in most demand are Jessica Chastain, who was spotted front row at the Armani Privé couture show in Paris on Tuesday; Michelle Williams, who already won a Golden Globe; Rooney Mara, and Bérénice Bejo.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

JENNY PACKHAM chosen Debenhams as her collaborator of choice

"I have taken some of our most feminine and glamorous styles and evolved them into a collection for Debenhams," explained Packham. "The red dress is a favourite for me as it has an understated dare devil appeal."

Known for dressing the world's most beautiful women ( Kate Winslet, the Duchess of Cambridge and Angelina Jolie are all fans of the label), Packham's new range will bring her work to a new demographic - with prices starting at £18 for jewellery and stretching to £160 for full-length gowns. The collection will also include shoes, headwear and dresses perfect for any bride or bridesmaid-to-be.

"I have wanted to design a diffusion collection for some time and believe Debenhams has the experience and energy to create and produce the collection," Packham told us. "It is very important to me to have control over my label and Debenhams actively promote this to ensure maximum synergy between designer and creation."

JENNY PACKHAM is the latest designer to create a high street collection, choosing Debenhams as her collaborator of choice. The occasion wear line will feature 19 dresses, which will launch in batches - first in April and then later this summer.

Monday, 20 February 2012

How to find an amazing and fashionable dress by shopping online

Blue Mermaid One Shoulder Floor Length Zipper Prom Dresses With Bow
cheap prom dresses So that when it comes to shopping for prom dresses, avoid the important box retailers, the fine apparel stores, or even the thrift stores. Do your shopping throughout ease of your pajamas through one of several online stores like ours but not only would you like to finish up saving big, you' ll waste money on that perfect, unique dress that no one else prom dress has.
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Shopping Online Has Easy Return Guidelines
Probably the greatest parts about internet shopping in your prom dress is that a vast many of the cases websites offer easy return policies, same as the physical stores do. In the worst case you wouls have to pay the first $1 000 of the shipping fee to allocate it back. Considering you are able to find themselves saving $100 bucks if not more, isn' t a $10 return shipping fee well worth the gamble that you could end up with the ideal dress, but save plenty when compared to your classmates? Just think about what you' ll be able to do together with the additional money.
Pink Ball Gown Sweetheart Floor Length Zipper Prom Dresses With Beading
Shop Retail Without Shopping Offline
Compared to exploring traditional fine apparel stores or perhaps the big box shopping site, try doing all your online shopping through an online store like ours. The obvious downfall of this is that you don' t get to try it on prior to purchasing it, so if you are a difficult dress size to slot in or are concerned relating to the dress fitting properly, this could be an issue. In case you have someone at home that could hem along the dress, tighten it, loosen it, or anything alterations may need to be made, then this may be the way to go for you personally.
Blue and Green Mermaid Sweetheart Floor Length Zipper Prom Dresses With Sequined and Tulle
Merits of Shopping Online
With regards to shopping for your perfect prom dress online, you arrive at purchase a wide many of the cases the fashionable styles almost instantaneously. That' s a some better than required to browse through rack after rack after rack of dresses that would best be described as hideous. And sure, you might not always get an exact fit while online shopping, however you should be able to see if your dimension is available and just know what are the measurements of our dress are.
Fuchsia Empire Deep V-Neck and Strap Cross Back Floor Length Evening Dresses With Beading and Embellished Trim
Sometimes By Spending Less, You Get A lot more
Have you actually seen the prices of prom dresses lately? Sure – prom is a momentous occasion in life, nevertheless you shouldn' t have to repay a retailer a bunch of money in order to gain a great prom dress. Imagine you might save 20%, 35%, or possibly more on your prom dress by shopping inside an unconventional method – could that be worth something for your requirements? Obviously it' d!
Purple A-Line Sweetheart and Strapless Zipper Knee Length Prom Dresses With Flowers and Pockets

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Can you tell me how to find a perfect prom gown online shopping

Can you tell me how to find a perfect prom gown online shopping
Purple A-Line Halter and Sweetheart Zipper Floor Length Prom Dresses With Ruffles
cheap prom dresses So when looking at buying prom dresses, avoid the big box retailers, the fine apparel stores, and not to mention the thrift stores. Does your shopping in the comfort of your pajamas through among the list of online stores like ours and not only do you want to find themselves saving big, you'll purchase that perfect, unique dress that no one else prom dress has.
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Online shopping Has Easy Return Insurance policies
One of the best parts about shopping on-line for your personal prom dress may be that an enormous a big number of websites offer easy return policies, just as the conventional stores do. In the worst case you might have to pay for the shipping fee to send it back. Considering you might result to saving one-hundred bucks or higher, isn’t a $10 return shipping fee definitely worth the gamble which you could end on top of the proper dress, but save plenty in comparison to your classmates? Just think concerning what you’ll do in the more money.
Black Mermaid Halter and Sweetheart Open Back Floor Length Evening Dresses With Beading and Draped
Shop Retail Without Shopping Forex
As an alternative visiting the traditional fine apparel stores or perhaps the big box department store, try making your internet shopping through an internet store like ours. The plain downfall of the may be that you aren’t getting to experiment with it on before you buy it, if you are being a hard dress size to fit or are concerned about the dress fitting properly, this is a difficulty. Should you have someone at your home which could hem up the dress, tighten it, loosen it, or whatever alterations could need to become made, then the may only be the way in which to work to you.
Black Ball Gown Halter and V-Neck Bandage Floor Length Quinceanera Dresses With Sequin and Ruffles
Sometimes By Spending Less, You have Extra
Have you seen the prices of prom dresses these days? Sure – prom is really a momentous occasion in everyday life, and you shouldn’t have to pay a retailer lots of money in order to give great prom dress. Think you could possibly save 20%, 35%, or even more in your prom dress by shopping with in unconventional method – could that be worth something to your account? Of course it would!
Advantages and benefits of Online shopping
Red Column V-Neck and Spaghetti Straps Cross Back Floor Length Prom Dresses With Beading and Draped
In terms of buying your perfect prom dress online, you get to buy an almost unlimited a big number of the trendy styles almost instantaneously. That’s a whole lot faster than having to flick through rack after rack after rack of dresses which could best be considered hideous. And sure, you do not always have an exact fit while shopping on-line, nevertheless you will be able to decide if your size is available and know just just what measurements of the dress are.

Blue A-Line Strapless Bandage Floor Length Prom Dresses With Beading and Ruffles

Saturday, 18 February 2012 makes it easy for you to get much more information on bridesmaid dresses

One-Shoulder Floor Length Prom Dress With Sequin (FPD0395)
Halter Floor Length Prom Dress With Sequin (FPD0417) makes it easy for you to get much more information on bridesmaid dresses. Sign up for our fabulous, free newsletter to find out how to get the best deals on the latest dresses, gowns and lingerie, quickly and easily.

There is a great selection of black bridesmaid dresses at Choose some beautiful short prom dresses right now.
First of all what is a ‘glossy’ bridesmaid gown? Glossy refers to the ‘look’ in the material, and if it really is somewhat shiny and catches the light then we would contact this glossy. Glossy materials may be satin, chiffon and taffeta, but while satin and chiffon have a softer, silkier feel; taffeta is shiny yet features a rougher, far more solid texture.
Sweetheart Tulle Prom Dress With Sash (FPD0060)

Finest Wedding Websites

Golden Bridesmaid Dresses

Gold can be a actually present and vogue color for bridesmaid dresses. Whenever a metallic luster is extra to material, the dresses often seem to grow to be far more fashionable. A-line dresses with skirts reaching the knees really are a classical bridesmaid dress style simply because they’re modern and stylish, and by no means over-exaggerated. Gold is also pretty neutral and absolutely won’t overshadow the bride’s dress.

Here’s some nice combos of Coloured that you simply could select for the wedding which includes gold:

Rose & Gold: This combination is really lovely, as you get the soft pink of rose and the metallic sheen of gold which in fact work really well! Rose-golden satin is fashionable, so go for a satin dress. A-line bridesmaid dresses with this color match accessorized with golden sandal high-heels will suggest great taste, and people will know the brides have done a lot of function choosing the dresses.

Chocolate & Gold: Before you start wondering if this is often a great match, then consider regular chocolate bars and their wrapping. Gold and chocolate go so well together as you have no doubt seen AND eaten! The greatest thing is that this combination not only has a sense of dignity, but also draws no attention from your white wedding dresses with the brides.
Sweetheart Satin Prom Dress With Sequin (FPD0377)
Silver Bridesmaid Dresses

Silver dresses have a really pure luster, being extremely metallic. It really is one with the most elegant Clours and is easily demure and not too eye-catching, despite being pretty!

Silver & White: V-necked, sleeveless dresses in these Clours are classical and decorous. A bowed belt can outline and accessorize your waistline and help bridesmaids look rather. Additionally the silver-white clour combination will set off the holy atmosphere of the weddings.

Silver & Blue: Long chiffon dresses in this clour with pleats around the chest give the wearer a genuinely vivid Grecian design. It’s a noble combination and will add a actually classy appear to your marriage ceremony.
One Shoulder Knee-Length Prom Dress With Beads (FPD0009)

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Light blue is as fresh and clean as a summer sky and ideally suited for outdoor or summer weddings, whereas darker blues have an sophisticated and much more formal feel. Glossy satin in light blue is so cute and pretty. Of course blue is rather nautical, so if you’re around the beach then there is no other choice!

Ocean Blue: A simple blue satin gown is great for showing off the shade. The noble nature with the material of this clour echoes the born elegance in the bridesmaids or gives them elegance that they by no means knew they had! Team it up with some heels and you’ll have a really glamorous look on your hands.

Turquoise Blue: This is the shade of twilight and as this kind of great for formal evening weddings It really is a really natural shade, so simple dresses in this shade can show off the natural beauty with the bridesmaids. Once they and the brides’ dresses get together, they appear quietly sophisticated, supporting the wedding ceremony dresses leading role.

Brides want to consider bridesmaid dresses into consideration when they are operating on locating their very own marriage ceremony dresses, because it may be too much for bridesmaids to operate out what they really should wear given that they already possess a good deal to perform around the wedding day. Glossy bridesmaid dresses are extremely well-liked in the second, because they may be shiny, fashionable and tasteful. Right here we are going to look at 3 glossy Coloured for bridesmaid dresses.
One Shoulder Ruffle Prom Dress With Lace (FPD0372)
Romantic Unique Prom Dress With Crystals (FPD0349)