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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Veils are such a beautifully romantic addition to your wedding day wardrobe

“I believe wedding veils are a quintessential element of the wedding ensemble. There’s nothing quite like a whisper of silk tulle to evoke a breathtaking air of romance. Veils are also so on trend at the moment with inspiration from the likes of 2011 brides Kate Middleton, Lily Allen and Kate Moss who all chose to wear cathedral length silk tulle veils with exquisite lace embellishments but with entirely different end looks..."

Edinburgh based designer Susie McKenzie established the LoveBySusie brand in February 2007. With a line of wedding dresses, accessories, lingerie and corsets already under her belt, 2012 sees the launch of a brand new addition to the LoveBySusie collection of vintage inspired bridal head wear, including silk tulle veils, Juliet cap styles and hand beaded lace hairbands...

I do love hearing from new suppliers who've not popped up on my radar, especially when they create designs as beautiful as the ones you see on this page.

I've a real thing for wedding veils at the moment, actually, I always have had, but especially those gorgeous vintage style Juliet Cap Veils that are so in vogue right now, and those pretty boho style bands that sit across the forehead. Veils are such a beautifully romantic addition to your wedding day wardrobe. I was so not a veil girl until I became engaged and found myself on a mission for the perfect wedding day outfit.

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